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Posted by tiberiughita on June 17, 2009

About an old craft,  disapearing in the next 5 years.

Charcoal maker - a dying craft
Charcoal maker – a dying craft

At the beginning of the spring you can see a little camp at the edge of the forest. A whole family,  from the grand father to the little grandchild. Is the family of the charcoal maker. They start the cyclical work: 2 weeks they build a huge wood pyramid, disposing tons of wood one stock over the other. All the family participates in.  After that, the fire is kindled inside the pyramid, burning for other 2 weeks, and the family begins to build another pyramid. They are working till late in the autumn.

If you are visiting Transylvania, we are organising visits to few old craftmens – the blacksmith, the charcoal maker or the bee-keeper (see activities on countryside-Transylvania.)

Is this a part of humankind heritage? If you think “yes”,  send this article to a friend.
Or, if you would like hints for your next trip in Transylvania, check the starter kit-guide posted on Travelpod.

charcoal family working

charcoal family working

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